Friday, February 19, 2010

It looks like Calvin and I are moving to Lewiston somewhat permanently since his family is here and jobs are a bit more plentiful than dead Spokane.

However, this means I have to possibly uproot all of my wedding plans and reconstruct them somewhere between Lewiston and Pullman. This was a pain at first, but now I'm thinking it could be an opportunity. After all, Calvin wanted a good old-fashioned barbecue, now we can find some big old barn somewhere and have it there! Well, I'm looking into it. I'm considering either Red Barn Farms (though it could be out of our price range) and the Dahmen barn. I think that since the Dahmen Barn is white, it may not clash with my dress in pictures, so major bonus.

(aside: man, the day I started thinking about the color of the facility in relation to my dress is the day I realized I could very well turn into a bridezilla if I don't watch myself!)

Lewiston's wedding industry is pretty small, but I'm realizing that means it's actually going to be easier to pin down what will work best for us. Not to mention, I believe our photographer will be at school in Pullman, so I don't have to feel bad about making her drive all the way to Spokane for our wedding!

Other types of sites I'm considering (however briefly) are the Hells Gate State Park (they have group use areas you can rent for weddings) and the Hells Canyon Resort (may be a little small but it's a good just-in-case venue to have). But I'm just going to sit on it for now and we'll see what works out.

I found a great photography site by a local photographer who compiled a list of resources too: Digital Arts Photography

(obviously this post was kind of just so I can keep things straight but I wanted to keep you all in the loop too!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

no internet!

I've been without the internet for the past few weeks and it has been lonely! I've had to put most of my wedding planning on hold until I get the internet again. So I've been trying to get wedding planning books and magazines, but man, they are expensive! I found this awesome book, the Anti-Bride Guide at Hastings, but it was $20. Totally eating into my wedding budget there. So I'm going to order it on Amazon when I have a debit card again. Until then I just have to settle for my single Shape Brides magazine (already read and tagged my favorite pages) and hope to get the internet back soon! I'll post next time I can find time on a computer.