Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Creating awkward moments: the registry

So the awkward part of most wedding invitations is the registry listing. It's long been tacky to request specific gifts on most occasions and yet here is the most expected modern wedding tradition, developed for bridezillas to dictate exactly what gifts she would like, from the store she determines at the price everyone sees. Don't bother taking off that price tag, she already knew the price when she put it on her registry. Getting the cheapest one there? She'll know as soon as she opens that set of towels or single glass pitcher.

Thus, it's ironic that here I am, 9 months, 2 weeks and 4 days from my wedding, picking things out for my registry. It's a difficult thing for me though, because having lived on my own for the past few years already, I've acquired the basics like a toaster, silverware and stemmed glassware. Not to mention, as newlyweds, we are not planning on moving into a brand-new, 4-bedroom house in an upper class neighborhood, will not be entertaining the whole family at Thanksgiving this year and don't relish the thought of lugging 2 full sets of dusty china for years until we DO find that perfect house.

So my registry has developed a "help us decorate our place" theme. It includes things I could never justify as a budget-conscious bride, but really would love to have. I'm enjoying this window shopping that has the slightest potential for me to actually receive a few things on the list, and since I'm doing my OUR registry at Target, I don't feel like the snobby Bridezilla with 3 $500 Crate & Barrel laundry hampers on her list.

Another new fad is the honeymoon registry. This is one I may do if ideas for a honeymoon materialize down the road, closer to the wedding. This is one where the bride and groom can invite people to "buy a night at x motel for us" or "Reserve a table for 2 with champagne at y restaurant." It's actually an interesting idea, especially for couples who don't need house stuff. The problem though, is that it's best suited for people who know exactly where they're going, where they're staying, how much airplane tickets are, and have an idea of prices for everything right off the bat. Currently, our basic honeymoon ideas consist of maybe a road trip down to San Francisco and the Redwoods, or maybe Disneyland (darling Groom's request, but I'm really not feeling disneyland for a honeymoon, seems a little off, doesn't it?). Either way, being thrifty travelers that we are, I'm not sure how people would feel about a $30 "Buy a tank of gas to get us 250 miles closer to our destination(s) type of item. Ultimately, most of the things on a honeymoon registry are not set in stone (for instance, if someone buys you a $75 dinner, you're not obligated to use the $75 on just dinner), which is good for the happy couple, but I guess I have a hard time seeing guests really getting into it.

Overall, doing the registry is an interesting conundrum with my mind in such a thrifty funk. I have to remember that a $40 piece of art that seems expensive to me (because anything not absolutely necessary to our physical nourishment seems excessive these days) may be a bargain for guests who are used to spending upwards of $50-75 for other couples. So having a variety on my list is a challenge, and I truly hope no one thinks I'm going to expect to see every item on the list. That being said, what I've put on my registry IS the exact one I'd like to get, not just an example. That way I don't receive 4 varying griddles and no laundry basket. Returning a wedding gift is even more awkward than that registry note on an invitation.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Keeping the Wedding Party Occupied

I've been brainstorming what to delegate to the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the rest of the wedding party so I don't get too overwhelmed. Any thoughts? Here's a list of tasks I have so far:

Assemble and be in charge of wedding day emergency kit (the one with thread, pins, breath mints, etc) _bridesmaid
Move chairs from ceremony area to reception area_groomsmen
Clockwatcher (the person who keeps us on schedule)_bridesmaid
Designated videographer_brittany or wes
Auxiliary picture taker
Keep record of gifts received, write down guests present_bridesmaid
Food/cake/drink coordinator_parent/bridesmaid
Messenger (person who communicates messages to family/groom/guests)_bridesmaid
Keeper of the rings_best man
Errand runner_groomsman or Dallin
Guest greeter_groomsmen AND bridesmaid
First person to toast (and encourage others to toast)

I know I know, I'm sooo particular (or probably another word), but I think that if everyone has an idea of what they can do beforehand, the day of won't be so chaotic and people won't stand around wondering what to do. thoughts?

Couture : Style C154 From

Couture : Style C154 From

I LOVE this for some reason

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding CD favors

I got this great idea from the other day: wedding CD favors! These are CDs where the bride and groom choose a lot of songs that describe them, burn them onto a bunch of blank CDs and stick a CD label on them (you can get a pack of like, 60 at the dollar store) and pass them out to guests who are interested.

At first I wasn't super enthused about it, but then we were driving around and I realized that we really have a ton of songs that are "ours." Music is really important to both of us (made obvious by the fact that we both have a million CDs in the car and each of us have our own CD holder attached to a visor) and while we have opposite tastes in music sometimes, we each like each others' favorites (well, for the most part. I think Calvin draws the line at some of my "girl" music and some of his hardcore rock is a little too, well, hardcore for me). I think it will be fun to have a booklet included with the CDs too describing why we chose each song, because so many of them have stories attached.

I haven't thought out the logistics of it yet, like how to burn the CDs or get supplies, etc but this is something we can add songs to over the next year and continually work on until the wedding. Anyone else ever seen this before?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bridesmaids Dresses: Style AV9040 by Alvina Valenta

I kind of like this dress, don't you? It would probably be in black with a white ribbon sash.

Bridesmaids Dresses: Style AV9040 by Alvina Valenta

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember those brainstorming clouds we did in school?

I'm just going to use this blog to brainstorm a bit. I was researching what a videographer at a wedding does (their prices are cheaper than I had thought, believe it or not) and among actual wedding footage, one company offers a Love Story video where they interview the couple about what they love about each other, how they met, the proposal story, etc. And it got me thinking. What if we do something like that, just maybe not in a video? Maybe collect quotes over the course of this year that we have to say about the other and scatter them around the tables or on the programs? might be kinda cool!

And also, I would like the wedding or at least the ceremony videotaped, hopefully someone we know has a video camera cause heaven knows we don't have one and could really use it! Maybe we'll put that on our wedding registry! haha. We both lived on our own for a while and honestly don't need a million household things for the registry. hmm. yes, our wedding will be quite different from many of the ones I've attended!

Does an engagement count if no one knows about it?

We need to take engagement pictures so we can plaster them all over town and rub them in everyone's faces. Haha, just kidding, but we do need to take them in the next few months. Problem is, this is Spokane, where everyone does their pictures in one of two places: a park somewhere with trees and a river or Riverfront Park. I'd really like to do something different, but I DON'T KNOW WHERE! If we still lived in Seattle, I'd do Pike Place Market and Post Alley or a graffiti-ridden area of Capitol Hill, but Spokane does not have a hot, gritty downtown without being downright dangerous that I know of. Am I wrong? Are there some cool little spots somewhere in Spokane that would just be AWESOME for engagement pictures? I'm really not into any nature pictures, it's not really who we "are" and I think an urban setting would suit us a lot better. Unless you have a different view of us?

This is a post where I actually need you to respond with ideas!

Deflowering the wedding

Heehee I know my title is SOO juvenile but I'm writing a post on flowers, and this is a wedding...I had to work "deflower" in there somehow!!

Anyway, I've been wanting to have real flowers at my wedding. I was thinking paper flowers (see previous posts) for a little while because they seem so DIY (do-it-yourself) and kitschy, but then I saw pictures with real flowers poked into a foam ball, creating a ball of flowers. And ever since then I've been dreaming of real flowers for the wedding. So I did some research. Never thought I'd EVER say this, but thank goodness I live in Spokane, and only a few miles away from Greenbluff, a 12-square mile area of small farmers and growers. I visited the Green Bluff Grower's Association Web site (here) and found a list of farmers there. It lists what the farmers grow and what time of the year things bloom or are harvested. Many of the farms grow floweres as well. I contacted one farm, called Hansen's Green Bluff Orchard (website here) and got an enthusiastic response regarding flowers during October. They will be in full bloom then with Zinnias (great for flower balls) and a host of other types of flowers. Bouquets are regularly priced at $5 each, including the vase, a major bargain in itself since they are large bunches. I'm so excited at the prices AND I'm supporting a local farm, instead of importing flowers from California or Mexico at 5 times the cost.

Unfortunately though, I think I want roses for MY bridal bouquet so that may be a large expense. I'm kind of just putting that out of my mind until later though, since I haven't been hit with inspiration for that yet.

Hit publish or the phones?

Okay, I went to college majoring in Communications with a graphic design focus. I've designed full Web sites and many, many church programs and sales flyers for Avon. Layout design doesn't scare me, in fact I really love it.

That being said, is it the best idea for me to design and print all of my "paper" wedding stuff myself? I can see that as taking the most time, however, it's also something I don't have to do the day before. I can have programs and invites printed up months before. Here are the paper products a wedding requires:

Save the Date Postcards (already done by Vistaprint for really really cheap)

Invitations (containing the following:)
single-page announcement
map to venue
RSVP postcard with a music request space on it(will order these from vistaprint again)

Ceremony/reception programs
Food menu (since his brother in law is "catering" it)
Signs for the soda bar and candy shop
Signs reserving seats for the wedding party during the ceremony

Is there anything else I'm missing? I know there is. For those who know me, is there any reason I shouldn't attempt to do this all on my own? I'm fairly confident I can do it and I hate the idea of spending $1000+ (plus postage) for something I'm sure I can do myself. I know the materials will cost money but it certainly wouldn't cost as much as ordering invites. AND I can use lighter weight paper so the invitations weigh less at the post office.

Oh and did anyone else send a wedding announcement to the local paper? I wonder if I should do that. hmm. yay!

Hair today Bride tomorrow

(yeah I ran out of creativity on this blog title SORRY)

Okay so I've been thinking more about what I want in my hair for the wedding. I think I want to go with a veil for the ceremony, a long one with embroidery around the edges kind of like in A Walk to Remember (come on girls, right? At the end? I've loved that veil ever since I first saw that movie!). But for the reception, I want to do something fun. No tiara either, I'm not really interested in that, I think. Here some that I LOVE:

The two silver ones above would both be good for sweeping my hair back from my face. And if I got the Rasharna dress from Maggie Sottero, which has polka dots on a tulle skirt, the polka dot tulle bow headband would match perfectly.

The following is actually a small hat, held on by two alligator clips, that I think would be so freaking awesome but would probably solidify the idea people have that I'm crazy.

Maid in Forever 21

I fell into the Forever 21 website. Their hair accessories are CHEAP!! I always forget, even though I've bought lots of stuff from there before.

Anyway, I was browsing to get ideas for the bridesmaids and I have a lot of great images now. Most all of these will work whether I go with black or colors for the bridesmaids. I was surprised at what I thought was cute as I was browsing through here. Clearly I have more work to do, pinning down the image of the wedding! Heck, I might even get one of these for me to wear at the wedding! More on that in the next post though.


Monday, December 14, 2009

Kids at the wedding

So I am really excited to borrow Calvin's (and my) niece and nephew to be in the wedding party. Dominique and Darius are probably two of the cutest kids in the world. Dom is going to be 8 for the wedding and Darius will be about 2. I really want to get a huge fluffy ballgown dress for Dom as the flower girl, and an adorable little suit for Darius to be the ring bearer. If she's up for it, I may also have his other niece, Olivia (Darius's age) to be a junior flower girl.

Here's a pic of Dominique at her mom's wedding this past summer:

And here's a blurry pic of Darius and Olivia (who had already spilled on her dress, classic)

And here is the whole family with the 2 kids I'm going to steal for the day!

Since Darius is so young to be a ring bearer, I'm thinking I'll probably have fake rings on the pillow and just have the best man hold the real ones JUST IN CASE.

But aren't they stinking adorable??? Everytime we go visit them I just can't believe how freaking cute they are.

Here are some outfits I'm thinking of:

And Darius is definitely going to wear a cute little tuxedo with a bow tie if I can convince Calvin!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Did you know you can order stuff from the Dollar Tree in bulk? Like, by the case. And you still just pay $1 an item (well, I wish there were a small discount but oh well). This way, I don't have to clean out Dollar Tree stock for stuff like vases, tealight candles, etc. Not to mention, it gets shipped straight to the store for only $5, all boxed up and easy to load into the car.

I think this will be the route I take. Anyone else order from online sources for their wedding?

Officiating the big day

I need ideas on the officiant for the wedding. I grew up LDS so perhaps the local bishop could do it. Or, honestly, it might be nice to just have a Justice of the Peace do it. I'm really not sure.

Either way, the officiating is going to be short, unless we have someone we know do it. I don't want some big long speech about loving and cherishing and cherishing and loving blah blah blah. Obviously we're at the ceremony, we've thought about that commitment! Perhaps it might be appropriate to have a long speech if these were two strangers off the street, but come on, it's so redundant at that stage! I'm thinking do you....I do, do you...I do...I now pronounce you husband and wife (none of this man and wife stuff, I'm all about equal opportunity).

I've thought about writing our own vows, but I just don't know if I'm comfortable choking up at a wedding, even if it is my own. I'm just torn torn torn. Thank goodness I have a year.

What have you guys seen done that you liked?

insert some cheesy lyrics here

I have decided to send music request cards with the invitations. I think I'm going to make postcards RSVPs though so I'll probably include a space on the rsvp where people can list a song or two they want to hear at the wedding. If I get enough, then I think that will help me decide if I want an ipod operator at the wedding or an actual DJ. I'm just so conflicted on that part. I think a DJ would be useful to get people up and dancing but on the other hand, it may not be in the budget. Luckily since we're getting married in October, it won't be the peak season so a) they may reduce their rates and b) we have all summer to "test-drive" DJs at other weddings they work at. Just gotta research! I am excited about the music request cards though, another bride on (my favorite site right now!) did it and she got a lot of responses.

Happy Cakes

I was supposed to go to bed...

What do you guys think of this cake? I think something like this is my winner:

It was made by Happy Cake in Spokane Valley (see:

I also like this one, but black and white instead:

Your Style: Glamorous - Project Wedding

Your Style: Glamorous - Project Wedding

I like a couple of the ideas listed above. I'll probably discuss them later but for now...yawn...I'm kinda tired!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Ugly Truth

(first of all, did anyone see that movie? Hilarious but so rated R. Don't recommend it for LDS folks, it was kinda shocking)

Anyway, onto MY ugly truth: I have a lot of weight to lose before October 10th.

My first goal is to lose 10lbs by Valentine's Day. Fiance thinks I can lose it easily but I'm not positive. Either way, I'm going to start working out everyday, instead of just when I'm feeling fat. It helps too that looking at all the skinny witches modeling these wedding dresses reminds me that I COULD look like that, I just have to work for it. No, I don't have the build to be that skinny, but I could at least look like Jessica Beal, toned and healthy looking. That's what Fiance keeps telling me, that skinny girls are ugly, it's the toned ones who put work into their look (ie. Gwen Stefani, Pussycat Dolls, etc) that are hot. So okay. I'll buy that.

My overall goal is to be below my high school weight when I'm on my honeymoon: 130lbs. I know I can get there, but it's going to take a lot of daily workouts and running and fewer snacks. Good luck to me!

To plan...or hire a planner

Despite other brides, my first call when I got engaged was NOT to a wedding planner. Mainly because no matter who I hire, I'll always believe I could have done just as good a job. I'm just perfect, what can I say?? haha, just kidding... Not to mention, wouldn't I rather spend that $1000+ on my honeymoon or like, the wedding? I've been noticing a trend in hiring wedding planners, but honestly planning the wedding seems to be the most fun for me. I'm never really happy unless I'm organizing SOMETHING.

Another reason to skip the wedding planner is...I live in Spokane, Washington. It is NOT a large metropolitan area, despite it being the largest city between Seattle and Minneapolis. Fact of the matter is, when you're competing with Montana and North Dakota, it's hard NOT to be the biggest town. That means, the number of wedding planners is pretty slim because a) there's just not a market in this budget-strapped town and b) Spokane is small enough that most brides, with a small entourage can accomplish everything they need in a few well-planned trips.

That being said, I've been thinking about making a list of everything that will need to be done on the big day and relinquishing it to my poor MOH (maid of honor: Rachell) for her to delegate to the rest of my BMs (bridesmaids). This will be super nitpicky stuff like double checking that we have all of the food, lighting all the candles hanging everywhere, checking to make sure flowers are still alive, etc. But fact of the matter is, that's who I am! I am the girl who thinks of every little tiny thing. And I'd love to relax and not worry about a single thing, but another fact of the matter? I will probably be watching every little detail anyway because I don't really have fun unless I'm in charge of something!

Either way though, I'm glad Rachell is my MOH. She's just as organized and nitpicky as I am when it comes to stuff like weddings and I know that anything I miss, she'll catch. My other three bridesmaids are married now, so I know they'll be crucial to helping me relax and enjoy the day, since they've already gone through it. I think I have a pretty good mix in my bridal party.

If I lived in a large metropolitan area, had a decent amount of money for the wedding and needed to start booking the hottest venue and vendors now, then yes, I think a wedding planner with access to the vendors would make sense. However, it's just not for me. I'm more spontaneous and hands-on than that. I'm excited to plan my own wedding, and since I have nearly a year, here's hoping I can get all my ducks in a row long before the wedding date!

The receiving line

So nearly every wedding I've ever been to has a receiving line. I hate them. they're boring, antiquated and tiring (when I'm in the bridal party and have been running around all day in heels, I just want to sit down and eat!). Some people take longer than others to talk with everyone, others

Thus, I'm abolishing the idea of a formal receiving line. Instead I want a small, casual wedding reception where I can visit with everyone there, sit down and talk with them for a few minutes, instead of the "hello thanks for coming good to see you again" chat of the receiving line. Not to mention, I can eat at the same time while I'm talking with people! Hey, I'm paying for the food you better believe I'm going to eat it!

Calvin has been great, I'm so glad he's just letting me take over the wedding arrangements. He's not super into the huge bright colors everywhere thing I have in my head, so I think I'll ground it with black and white, so the colors in the candy shop and soda bar really stand out. I would like him to voice his opinion more, but he seems to know that the safest answer when I ask him about this or that is just to say eh, I dunno, it's up to you. Yay for me!

Fake the flower!

So now I'm thinking about flowers. They're expensive. And go bad fast. What if I did...paper flowers?

Here are some DIY ideas that seem fun and I wouldn't have to do them all like a week before the wedding, heck I could start making them now and just have a million neat paper flowers all over:

Or if I find it in the budget, I could still do flowers, but do the designing myself by poking them into styrofoam balls and suspending them all over the place and/or using them as centerpieces on the tables. These ones would probably require the collective assistance of my bridesmaids and quite possibly their mothers!

How to Arrange a Ball of Flowers with an Oasis: 8 steps (with video) - wikiHow

How to Arrange a Ball of Flowers with an Oasis: 8 steps (with video) - wikiHow

A Sphere of light or flowers

I've been seeing some just plain awesome things for decorating. The actual ones are expensive and/or time consuming, but I'd love to perhaps revamp them for my wedding and budget. The first is this one:

Those are balls of FLOWERS! I'm pretty sure they found a source of ginormous styrofoam balls and just poked the stems in there, but man alive! I think this would be really cool to maybe suspend in the air or something, just maybe not on such a huge scale...

And these would be super cute lining the pathways or surrounding the general eating area or something. I would want them all clear though so the colors don't distract too much. Or maybe some of those hook-like ones, where the votive is hanging from the cane. Either way, I really like this.

Another idea, Moonflowers! One blogger here on the wonderful internet, suggested for effect, planting moonflowers to curl and climb around the votive candle stakes, because moonflowers, an actual plant, bloom at night and have a wonderful scent. It's one of those too-complicated ideas, but man what a cool flower.
Okay so I have a lot of cake ideas and I think my friend Ashlee has a good handle on what I want (she just started a cake business here:

but just for fun, tell me what you think of these, they're numbered so just let me know which one is your favorite!








8. (these are actually cupcakes! Way too expensive to do them but aren't they freaking adorable?
So I guess I should show you what I mean by a "candy shop" at our wedding. First of all, Calvin LOVES candy. Almost as much as he loves cake. He has blood sugar issues, so he has to have it on hand too. But I wasn't even thinking of that until I saw this picture on

Doesn't that look awesome? I love the swirl lollipops, the candy buttons, vintage swizzle sticks, rock candy, lemon drops, etc. And we'll add other stuff too, of course, and probably fortune cookies!

This picture also reminds me that I should set out martini glasses on the tables filled with m&ms or Skittles or something for guests to eat. Since they can't get a buzz, why not provide a sugar high?

And this picture shows the type of bags I want to provide. Those paper bags, like what they slip cookies into at the bakery or something, would be perfect, and I can have the bags printed with our wedding date and stuff like that. It will be so cute!!

A bright light

I've been really loving the idea of hanging candles and lights for the wedding, kind of a twinkling firefly/Gatsby feel. It may be too much with all the color I want at the wedding but here are some ideas of what I'd love:
(and the way to make the hanging votives above is here:

Of course, is the fire hazard worth it? I don't even allow candles to be lit in the house because you just never know.

DIY: Bunting 101! - Project Wedding

DIY: Bunting 101! - Project Wedding

I think I may do this! Depends on the venue, but wouldn't it be cute to do alternating black and white ones with all the color from the candy shop and soda bar?

time to "chuck" the heels?

Okay, so in my post about my wedding dresses, I show a picture where a bride wore Converse All-Stars with her dress. Ever since then I've been dreaming of a way to NOT kill my feet. Not to mention, our venue will likely be outdoors with grass and uneven ground. Have you ever tried walking on a lawn with stilettos?

I just can't get the idea of being able to wear comfortable shoes to my wedding. After all, a wedding dress is long, no one sees your shoes anyway, and my dress will be stiff and unmoving enough.

So I went to where guess what? You can design your own chucks and even add a personalization tag on the shoes!

Here's my shoe (though I may do a different color for the inner part):

Look on the heel stripe! It says "Oct 10" on it. How cool is that??

I've been researching brides who wear chucks on the internet and I do want to clarify, I'm not wanting to wear them to be "different" or cool or stylish or "hip" and edgy (though they are cute) or any other "offbeat brides" type of term. I'm doing it strictly in the name of comfort. I'm going to be 23 when I get married, I think I'll have live long enough to be allowed to put comfort before fashion! Not to mention, I don't think Calvin will care either way, which is what I love about him!

I have reservations about the type of invitation to use

I'm just not sure what kind of invitation I want to send out yet.

Since our wedding isn't til October, we both came up with the idea to send out Save the Date cards (it was weird, we both suggested it at about the same time), which I think I'll do in a postcard format, but I'm torn on the invitation style.

I could do a fun, different and colorful one:

or a really elegant, classy one:

but either way I think I'm going to end up making them because a) it's fun; b) invitations are expensive!; and c) I can control the weight of the paper so it's cheaper to send in the mail.

Here's a really cute DIY idea that I may modify a bit and do:

Hair Styling can be a tangled subject

I'm hoping my hair will be nice and long by next October. I wasn't sure at first how I wanted to style it for the wedding but I got a lot of ideas from (my new favorite website) and am going to do my hair pulled away from my face, but super curly and worn loose in the back. I want to put either a few small flowers or some pearls and rhinestones in it or a really nice comb or something. I don't think I want a tiara...yet

oh and here are ideas for hair accessories. I love the pin, and the headband may be too ivory, but I do love it! It's from mark, a boutique company of Avon, which I sell, so the headband would only cost me like $10 or so.

Any other ideas? I'm not sure how the bridesmaid styles are going to be, I may leave that up to them and provide matching clips or something, that would be cute.

Bridesmaid dresses are the icing on the cake

Okay, I'm working on the type of bridesmaid dress I want. I actually want my bridesmaids to be able to wear them after (cliche I know, but I actually mean it), so I don't want any stiff "formal" fabric, nor do I think they need to wear long, floor-length dresses! My favorite fabric types are french satin or chiffon. Here are my two favorite dresses. I'm still not sure on the color yet, so don't ask! If the wedding turns out to be more colorful/nostalgic candy shop/Mad Hatter type, I may have each bridesmaid pick a different, bright color. Or I may have them all in silver or black to ground things a bit. Who knows.

These are both from Eden Bridal for about a hundred bucks a pop, not too bad!

(the link to this dress to see available colors is:

Honestly, if you were a bridesmaid, would you see yourself maybe wearing this later on, like to a dinner or to church or something? Should I keep looking? Does anyone prefer the formal fabrics?

DIY: An Old Fashioned Soda Bar - Project Wedding

DIY: An Old Fashioned Soda Bar - Project Wedding

Click on the link above!

(this is what I am planning on doing for the wedding, since neither of us drink, nor do we want to buy alcohol for a bunch of freeloaders when we're not even going to enjoy it, haha)

Any special soda requests?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Most dresses come from a store...this one came from heaven..

My dream wedding dress:

(Maloman Photography)

This is a picture of my FAVORITE dress ever, it's the Rasharna dress from Maggie Sottero. Problem is, the place in Spokane that carries the most Maggie Sottero dresses, Celestial Selections in the valley, can't get it in for me to try on before ordering it. It's a beautiful dress but a $1259 risk if I were to order it and it didn't look good on me. So I'm going to try on more Sottero dresses over Christmas break when Rachell's in town (and whoever else is in spokane!)
Here's the link to the dress on the website, with details and stuff, only it's shown in blush, not white/white like the one above that I want. It's so beautiful though:

Oh, and the same bride in the picture above (Kristel) also wore pure white chucks with her dress, and they look so comfortable I'm having a hard time imagining my poor feet in heels all day. I may have to find some white chucks for the wedding day!

so that's my dream dress (and it has polka dots on it!!) but really, there's so many beautiful dresses, I'll be fine with whatever I can find under like $300 or so.