Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Sphere of light or flowers

I've been seeing some just plain awesome things for decorating. The actual ones are expensive and/or time consuming, but I'd love to perhaps revamp them for my wedding and budget. The first is this one:

Those are balls of FLOWERS! I'm pretty sure they found a source of ginormous styrofoam balls and just poked the stems in there, but man alive! I think this would be really cool to maybe suspend in the air or something, just maybe not on such a huge scale...

And these would be super cute lining the pathways or surrounding the general eating area or something. I would want them all clear though so the colors don't distract too much. Or maybe some of those hook-like ones, where the votive is hanging from the cane. Either way, I really like this.

Another idea, Moonflowers! One blogger here on the wonderful internet, suggested for effect, planting moonflowers to curl and climb around the votive candle stakes, because moonflowers, an actual plant, bloom at night and have a wonderful scent. It's one of those too-complicated ideas, but man what a cool flower.

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