Sunday, December 13, 2009

Officiating the big day

I need ideas on the officiant for the wedding. I grew up LDS so perhaps the local bishop could do it. Or, honestly, it might be nice to just have a Justice of the Peace do it. I'm really not sure.

Either way, the officiating is going to be short, unless we have someone we know do it. I don't want some big long speech about loving and cherishing and cherishing and loving blah blah blah. Obviously we're at the ceremony, we've thought about that commitment! Perhaps it might be appropriate to have a long speech if these were two strangers off the street, but come on, it's so redundant at that stage! I'm thinking do you....I do, do you...I do...I now pronounce you husband and wife (none of this man and wife stuff, I'm all about equal opportunity).

I've thought about writing our own vows, but I just don't know if I'm comfortable choking up at a wedding, even if it is my own. I'm just torn torn torn. Thank goodness I have a year.

What have you guys seen done that you liked?

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  1. My grandpa officiated our wedding, and it was awesome! I would recommend getting a close family member (probably male) or friend to do it for you. Our actual "ceremony" was only like 5-10 minutes long. We didn't do our own vows, and it still turned out great! :)