Monday, December 21, 2009

Wedding CD favors

I got this great idea from the other day: wedding CD favors! These are CDs where the bride and groom choose a lot of songs that describe them, burn them onto a bunch of blank CDs and stick a CD label on them (you can get a pack of like, 60 at the dollar store) and pass them out to guests who are interested.

At first I wasn't super enthused about it, but then we were driving around and I realized that we really have a ton of songs that are "ours." Music is really important to both of us (made obvious by the fact that we both have a million CDs in the car and each of us have our own CD holder attached to a visor) and while we have opposite tastes in music sometimes, we each like each others' favorites (well, for the most part. I think Calvin draws the line at some of my "girl" music and some of his hardcore rock is a little too, well, hardcore for me). I think it will be fun to have a booklet included with the CDs too describing why we chose each song, because so many of them have stories attached.

I haven't thought out the logistics of it yet, like how to burn the CDs or get supplies, etc but this is something we can add songs to over the next year and continually work on until the wedding. Anyone else ever seen this before?


  1. Great idea! I considered doing this but then I didn't because I KNOW most people don't like my music. And frankly I've found that music I love the first time I hear it sux after a few times around, but my favorites are the ones that I don't like, but after listening to them about 6 times, I love. And LOve more. AND STILL love after a million times. So that's why I decided to not allow people to judge my music at my wedding hahaha Although it totally sucked that we could hardly HEAR the music at my wedding :(

  2. Oh, and I found a lot of really good weddings (my friend's cousin is a photographer and she had a bunch of really good ideas on her website that are SUPER original and go along w/ your theme.) I wrote down the websites and ideas in my phone and that's why I've called you a few times lately and not left messages. call me when you are near a computer and want to hear them :) Or maybe we can get together when I'm in town starting tomorrow!! Hopefully!!!