Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Remember those brainstorming clouds we did in school?

I'm just going to use this blog to brainstorm a bit. I was researching what a videographer at a wedding does (their prices are cheaper than I had thought, believe it or not) and among actual wedding footage, one company offers a Love Story video where they interview the couple about what they love about each other, how they met, the proposal story, etc. And it got me thinking. What if we do something like that, just maybe not in a video? Maybe collect quotes over the course of this year that we have to say about the other and scatter them around the tables or on the programs? might be kinda cool!

And also, I would like the wedding or at least the ceremony videotaped, hopefully someone we know has a video camera cause heaven knows we don't have one and could really use it! Maybe we'll put that on our wedding registry! haha. We both lived on our own for a while and honestly don't need a million household things for the registry. hmm. yes, our wedding will be quite different from many of the ones I've attended!


  1. Yes! Def video the wedding! My brother taped ours and edited it with pictures and the actual ceremony and it turned out wonderful! I have a video camera, and I know how to edit videos, so there's a back up if you don't find someone else!

  2. I do believe I'll take you up on that Brit, I'd hate to pay $1000 if you can do it! We just need basic footage.

  3. Wes video'd one wedding and did a great job. He did editing too. You could always have a few people assigned to doing video and a few assigned to doing pictures and then you don't have to worry. They'll all catch something different.