Saturday, December 12, 2009

So I guess I should show you what I mean by a "candy shop" at our wedding. First of all, Calvin LOVES candy. Almost as much as he loves cake. He has blood sugar issues, so he has to have it on hand too. But I wasn't even thinking of that until I saw this picture on

Doesn't that look awesome? I love the swirl lollipops, the candy buttons, vintage swizzle sticks, rock candy, lemon drops, etc. And we'll add other stuff too, of course, and probably fortune cookies!

This picture also reminds me that I should set out martini glasses on the tables filled with m&ms or Skittles or something for guests to eat. Since they can't get a buzz, why not provide a sugar high?

And this picture shows the type of bags I want to provide. Those paper bags, like what they slip cookies into at the bakery or something, would be perfect, and I can have the bags printed with our wedding date and stuff like that. It will be so cute!!


  1. My friend did this for her wedding and it was soooo cute!!! Her colors were black and pink and ALL the candy she used were in those colors. It was adorable!

  2. I saw this idea a few weeks into planning my real wedding and I totally love it!

    And who says the guests can't be buzzed hahaha