Saturday, December 12, 2009

time to "chuck" the heels?

Okay, so in my post about my wedding dresses, I show a picture where a bride wore Converse All-Stars with her dress. Ever since then I've been dreaming of a way to NOT kill my feet. Not to mention, our venue will likely be outdoors with grass and uneven ground. Have you ever tried walking on a lawn with stilettos?

I just can't get the idea of being able to wear comfortable shoes to my wedding. After all, a wedding dress is long, no one sees your shoes anyway, and my dress will be stiff and unmoving enough.

So I went to where guess what? You can design your own chucks and even add a personalization tag on the shoes!

Here's my shoe (though I may do a different color for the inner part):

Look on the heel stripe! It says "Oct 10" on it. How cool is that??

I've been researching brides who wear chucks on the internet and I do want to clarify, I'm not wanting to wear them to be "different" or cool or stylish or "hip" and edgy (though they are cute) or any other "offbeat brides" type of term. I'm doing it strictly in the name of comfort. I'm going to be 23 when I get married, I think I'll have live long enough to be allowed to put comfort before fashion! Not to mention, I don't think Calvin will care either way, which is what I love about him!

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  1. I give this idea a 2 thumbs up. My advice:

    Wear shoes you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Wear shoes that are comfortable and you can wear all day long

    And you're right, no one will even notice them bt you will take pics of them for sure