Friday, December 11, 2009

Most dresses come from a store...this one came from heaven..

My dream wedding dress:

(Maloman Photography)

This is a picture of my FAVORITE dress ever, it's the Rasharna dress from Maggie Sottero. Problem is, the place in Spokane that carries the most Maggie Sottero dresses, Celestial Selections in the valley, can't get it in for me to try on before ordering it. It's a beautiful dress but a $1259 risk if I were to order it and it didn't look good on me. So I'm going to try on more Sottero dresses over Christmas break when Rachell's in town (and whoever else is in spokane!)
Here's the link to the dress on the website, with details and stuff, only it's shown in blush, not white/white like the one above that I want. It's so beautiful though:

Oh, and the same bride in the picture above (Kristel) also wore pure white chucks with her dress, and they look so comfortable I'm having a hard time imagining my poor feet in heels all day. I may have to find some white chucks for the wedding day!

so that's my dream dress (and it has polka dots on it!!) but really, there's so many beautiful dresses, I'll be fine with whatever I can find under like $300 or so.


  1. Love the white one! Although the shoes don't go.

    BUT!!! No one will see your feet so it doesn't even matter! what matters is you can get through the day in comfort and have no complaints what so ever about the whole day :) Your day your way :)

  2. Converse will never go with a wedding dress, that's the beauty of it! She's the one who gave me the idea to wear chucks with my dress!