Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hit publish or the phones?

Okay, I went to college majoring in Communications with a graphic design focus. I've designed full Web sites and many, many church programs and sales flyers for Avon. Layout design doesn't scare me, in fact I really love it.

That being said, is it the best idea for me to design and print all of my "paper" wedding stuff myself? I can see that as taking the most time, however, it's also something I don't have to do the day before. I can have programs and invites printed up months before. Here are the paper products a wedding requires:

Save the Date Postcards (already done by Vistaprint for really really cheap)

Invitations (containing the following:)
single-page announcement
map to venue
RSVP postcard with a music request space on it(will order these from vistaprint again)

Ceremony/reception programs
Food menu (since his brother in law is "catering" it)
Signs for the soda bar and candy shop
Signs reserving seats for the wedding party during the ceremony

Is there anything else I'm missing? I know there is. For those who know me, is there any reason I shouldn't attempt to do this all on my own? I'm fairly confident I can do it and I hate the idea of spending $1000+ (plus postage) for something I'm sure I can do myself. I know the materials will cost money but it certainly wouldn't cost as much as ordering invites. AND I can use lighter weight paper so the invitations weigh less at the post office.

Oh and did anyone else send a wedding announcement to the local paper? I wonder if I should do that. hmm. yay!

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