Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hair today Bride tomorrow

(yeah I ran out of creativity on this blog title SORRY)

Okay so I've been thinking more about what I want in my hair for the wedding. I think I want to go with a veil for the ceremony, a long one with embroidery around the edges kind of like in A Walk to Remember (come on girls, right? At the end? I've loved that veil ever since I first saw that movie!). But for the reception, I want to do something fun. No tiara either, I'm not really interested in that, I think. Here some that I LOVE:

The two silver ones above would both be good for sweeping my hair back from my face. And if I got the Rasharna dress from Maggie Sottero, which has polka dots on a tulle skirt, the polka dot tulle bow headband would match perfectly.

The following is actually a small hat, held on by two alligator clips, that I think would be so freaking awesome but would probably solidify the idea people have that I'm crazy.

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