Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bridesmaid dresses are the icing on the cake

Okay, I'm working on the type of bridesmaid dress I want. I actually want my bridesmaids to be able to wear them after (cliche I know, but I actually mean it), so I don't want any stiff "formal" fabric, nor do I think they need to wear long, floor-length dresses! My favorite fabric types are french satin or chiffon. Here are my two favorite dresses. I'm still not sure on the color yet, so don't ask! If the wedding turns out to be more colorful/nostalgic candy shop/Mad Hatter type, I may have each bridesmaid pick a different, bright color. Or I may have them all in silver or black to ground things a bit. Who knows.

These are both from Eden Bridal for about a hundred bucks a pop, not too bad!

(the link to this dress to see available colors is:

Honestly, if you were a bridesmaid, would you see yourself maybe wearing this later on, like to a dinner or to church or something? Should I keep looking? Does anyone prefer the formal fabrics?


  1. Both are cute dresses, but I think I like the yellow look a little better (only in a different color). And yes, I could see myself being able to wear the dress later on in life. You should def choose a dark or bright color though so I don't look washed out haha :)

  2. I love the style and shade of the red one