Sunday, December 13, 2009

insert some cheesy lyrics here

I have decided to send music request cards with the invitations. I think I'm going to make postcards RSVPs though so I'll probably include a space on the rsvp where people can list a song or two they want to hear at the wedding. If I get enough, then I think that will help me decide if I want an ipod operator at the wedding or an actual DJ. I'm just so conflicted on that part. I think a DJ would be useful to get people up and dancing but on the other hand, it may not be in the budget. Luckily since we're getting married in October, it won't be the peak season so a) they may reduce their rates and b) we have all summer to "test-drive" DJs at other weddings they work at. Just gotta research! I am excited about the music request cards though, another bride on (my favorite site right now!) did it and she got a lot of responses.

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