Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deflowering the wedding

Heehee I know my title is SOO juvenile but I'm writing a post on flowers, and this is a wedding...I had to work "deflower" in there somehow!!

Anyway, I've been wanting to have real flowers at my wedding. I was thinking paper flowers (see previous posts) for a little while because they seem so DIY (do-it-yourself) and kitschy, but then I saw pictures with real flowers poked into a foam ball, creating a ball of flowers. And ever since then I've been dreaming of real flowers for the wedding. So I did some research. Never thought I'd EVER say this, but thank goodness I live in Spokane, and only a few miles away from Greenbluff, a 12-square mile area of small farmers and growers. I visited the Green Bluff Grower's Association Web site (here) and found a list of farmers there. It lists what the farmers grow and what time of the year things bloom or are harvested. Many of the farms grow floweres as well. I contacted one farm, called Hansen's Green Bluff Orchard (website here) and got an enthusiastic response regarding flowers during October. They will be in full bloom then with Zinnias (great for flower balls) and a host of other types of flowers. Bouquets are regularly priced at $5 each, including the vase, a major bargain in itself since they are large bunches. I'm so excited at the prices AND I'm supporting a local farm, instead of importing flowers from California or Mexico at 5 times the cost.

Unfortunately though, I think I want roses for MY bridal bouquet so that may be a large expense. I'm kind of just putting that out of my mind until later though, since I haven't been hit with inspiration for that yet.

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