Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hair Styling can be a tangled subject

I'm hoping my hair will be nice and long by next October. I wasn't sure at first how I wanted to style it for the wedding but I got a lot of ideas from (my new favorite website) and am going to do my hair pulled away from my face, but super curly and worn loose in the back. I want to put either a few small flowers or some pearls and rhinestones in it or a really nice comb or something. I don't think I want a tiara...yet

oh and here are ideas for hair accessories. I love the pin, and the headband may be too ivory, but I do love it! It's from mark, a boutique company of Avon, which I sell, so the headband would only cost me like $10 or so.

Any other ideas? I'm not sure how the bridesmaid styles are going to be, I may leave that up to them and provide matching clips or something, that would be cute.

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