Saturday, December 12, 2009

The receiving line

So nearly every wedding I've ever been to has a receiving line. I hate them. they're boring, antiquated and tiring (when I'm in the bridal party and have been running around all day in heels, I just want to sit down and eat!). Some people take longer than others to talk with everyone, others

Thus, I'm abolishing the idea of a formal receiving line. Instead I want a small, casual wedding reception where I can visit with everyone there, sit down and talk with them for a few minutes, instead of the "hello thanks for coming good to see you again" chat of the receiving line. Not to mention, I can eat at the same time while I'm talking with people! Hey, I'm paying for the food you better believe I'm going to eat it!

Calvin has been great, I'm so glad he's just letting me take over the wedding arrangements. He's not super into the huge bright colors everywhere thing I have in my head, so I think I'll ground it with black and white, so the colors in the candy shop and soda bar really stand out. I would like him to voice his opinion more, but he seems to know that the safest answer when I ask him about this or that is just to say eh, I dunno, it's up to you. Yay for me!

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