Monday, December 14, 2009

Kids at the wedding

So I am really excited to borrow Calvin's (and my) niece and nephew to be in the wedding party. Dominique and Darius are probably two of the cutest kids in the world. Dom is going to be 8 for the wedding and Darius will be about 2. I really want to get a huge fluffy ballgown dress for Dom as the flower girl, and an adorable little suit for Darius to be the ring bearer. If she's up for it, I may also have his other niece, Olivia (Darius's age) to be a junior flower girl.

Here's a pic of Dominique at her mom's wedding this past summer:

And here's a blurry pic of Darius and Olivia (who had already spilled on her dress, classic)

And here is the whole family with the 2 kids I'm going to steal for the day!

Since Darius is so young to be a ring bearer, I'm thinking I'll probably have fake rings on the pillow and just have the best man hold the real ones JUST IN CASE.

But aren't they stinking adorable??? Everytime we go visit them I just can't believe how freaking cute they are.

Here are some outfits I'm thinking of:

And Darius is definitely going to wear a cute little tuxedo with a bow tie if I can convince Calvin!

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