Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does an engagement count if no one knows about it?

We need to take engagement pictures so we can plaster them all over town and rub them in everyone's faces. Haha, just kidding, but we do need to take them in the next few months. Problem is, this is Spokane, where everyone does their pictures in one of two places: a park somewhere with trees and a river or Riverfront Park. I'd really like to do something different, but I DON'T KNOW WHERE! If we still lived in Seattle, I'd do Pike Place Market and Post Alley or a graffiti-ridden area of Capitol Hill, but Spokane does not have a hot, gritty downtown without being downright dangerous that I know of. Am I wrong? Are there some cool little spots somewhere in Spokane that would just be AWESOME for engagement pictures? I'm really not into any nature pictures, it's not really who we "are" and I think an urban setting would suit us a lot better. Unless you have a different view of us?

This is a post where I actually need you to respond with ideas!

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  1. hahah and i have no ideas for this one. spokane kinda suck for that. although there are a TON of statues... weird.