Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have reservations about the type of invitation to use

I'm just not sure what kind of invitation I want to send out yet.

Since our wedding isn't til October, we both came up with the idea to send out Save the Date cards (it was weird, we both suggested it at about the same time), which I think I'll do in a postcard format, but I'm torn on the invitation style.

I could do a fun, different and colorful one:

or a really elegant, classy one:

but either way I think I'm going to end up making them because a) it's fun; b) invitations are expensive!; and c) I can control the weight of the paper so it's cheaper to send in the mail.

Here's a really cute DIY idea that I may modify a bit and do:


  1. I'm personally a fan of the more fun invitation. Just a suggestion, don't send out the invites until late summer/early fall or else people will lose and/or forget about it when the special day comes around!

  2. I really like the link you have posted. That invitation is awesome. Love the color, the kanji, and the design.

    Are you still thinking you'll go w/ the black and white theme?

  3. I think the accents will all be bright colors (invitations, candy/soda area, flowers and centerpieces) but the big and background stuff (chair and table covers, lights, etc) will be strictly black and white. I'm still working on it in my head.

    What do you guys think for bridesmaid dresses? Will having everyone wear a different color be too much or would black be too boring?