Friday, July 23, 2010

forever21 has my heart forever

I found the PERFECT hair accessories! The bridesmaids will be in aqua, to complement my pale pink dress, and these hair accessories come in the same colors! I was thrilled to see the pink, then I clicked on another color and gasped aloud when I saw the color of my bridesmaid's dresses! Basically, it will be that all of my accessories will be aqua, and all of their accessories will be pink, so we switch, you see?

And I haven't told you the greatest part! okay, so I'm the biggest cheapskate on some things. I HATE paying nickel-and-dime stuff, including shipping, fees to use debit cards, etc. It's a little pointless because I usually even it out driving around to a member bank to withdraw money so I don't have to see a $2 hit in my bank account. Anything that theoretically I could avoid by working a little harder (ie. driving up to SPOKANE to pick these up instead of paying $5.95 for something that weighs less than an ounce) drives me crazy, even if it could cost more. Thanks mom. So I googled Forever 21 free shipping code. And whaddaya know? The code SURVEY worked!! "You have qualified for free shipping" are the six words that MADE MY DAY. So I got two more sets of these, and it was STILL cheaper than it would have been with shipping! Score!

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