Friday, July 23, 2010


We are getting the men's tuxes from Paulucci's, in downtown Lewiston. Originally I wanted just a nice plain black suit, or even a gray one, nothing fancy since, after all, my dress is pink and tea length, and the wedding is outdoors! but plain black suits START at $99, plus shoes. Paulucci's is running a special through mid-August on tux rentals, $69.99 each, which includes everything but the shoes, so tuxes it is..
We found a tie that corresponds perfectly to the bridesmaid dresses, and decided to skip renting coats because a) they don't fit Calvin and his dad very well without tailoring, which they won't do for rental suits, b) I know the coats would come off two minutes after the ceremony, forming a large pile under a table somewhere that we'd probably forget and have to race back the next day to pick up, and c) it's an outdoor wedding, casual-ish, and it will still be warm, so why make them sweat and look gross in the pictures (yes, pictures are my only concern, their wellbeing is not my problem. I kid, I kid, of course I'm concerned about their comfort, I'm just saying, it works out conveniently to where we all win!).
So we'll save $10 per set without the coat, which will cover the $8 cost of renting shoes. Overall, not bad. Plus, my dad and brother will be renting them as well, I just discovered, so we will do a total of 7 tuxes, and I think that may make Calvin's free, I have to double check. At any rate, YAY is what I'm thinking. Calvin's dad and brother, and my dad and brother will cover their own suits, so we just have to cover Calvins, and two of his groomsmen, for around $200. Not bad at all.

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