Wednesday, January 6, 2010

bottoms up

I was thinking about chair sashes today. I've always thought they looked bulky and tacky, but my MOH Rachell pointed out that they do go a long way to dress a place up (blue plastic folding chairs do not scream elegance). So I've been thinking about maybe doing something lightweight, like a couple layers of tulle ( has it very reasonably priced) with a polka dot ribbon bow at the back. That way it's not too formal but still keeps things a bit more wedding-y. Thoughts?


  1. I think that's a very cute and inexpensive idea. My thoughts...
    Are you going to have the chairs set up for the ceremony and you'll walk down the isle between them... and then move the chairs over towards the eatting area and place them around the tables? If so will the ribbon match both settings ect? Also if your not going to move them and you have a separate chairs set up around the tables and for the ceremony... that's alot of tulle and ribbon. could add up quickly...

  2. It will definitely be more budget-friendly to use the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception, so yes, we'd be moving them back and forth. I'm still working on HOW they'll move to the reception area though. The OCD miss manners in me is terrified at having to ask my grandmother to please carry her chair to that area over there and plop it down wherever she sees fit! Perhaps I'll hire some of my brother's friends to be ushers or something...

  3. It's not hard to move chairs... just have someone preassigned to do it. I'm sure my parents will be there, ask my dad and clay before hand if they can do you a favor. Or sometone like them. Then you won't have to worry about it and since it's that persons only job you know it'll get done.