Monday, January 4, 2010

The long fall...

Welcome to Two Birds Bridesmaid. (small rant: if a website requires a loading page just to load all of the content, THERE'S TOO MUCH CONTENT! I don't need a Cinderella bird to lovingly drape each sentence onto the page over a period of 5 minutes! Anyway.) Turns out, this company makes a single dress style (your choice of colors and short or long length) that's basically a skirt with two really long straps attached that you twist and wrap in various ways. The premise is that your bridesmaids can have the same dress and color, but just a different design. AND, they can really really wear it afterward!

Those 4 seemingly different dresses are actually the same exact one, just wrapped differently.
I liked the idea a lot. Ordering dresses would be a snap too since they come in two sizes: size A, which fits sizes 0-14 and Size B, which fits sizes 16-24. But then I saw the price ($270 per dress) and started running. I still like the concept though, so I somehow found the blog of someone who had created her own similar dresses for her bridesmaids. Apparently this type of dress is called an Infinity dress (could I BE anymore behind on the trends?) and is quite simple to make. The site I found is: Our Wedding: The DIY, ultra-versatile bridesmaids dresses!

She handmade those dresses! Apparently they were less than $60 a dress to make. It's something that could be an option...maybe? It's really up to my bridesmaids, but there are many ways, if you make the straps wide enough, to make them into modest dresses, which several of my bridesmaids requested. So hmm.
Here's the link to instructions on making one:

Butter by Nadia also makes convertible dresses, but they're still in the same price range ($246). Still, it might be a cool and cheap idea to keep in mind.

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