Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some updates:

I found a letterpress operator in Portland who can do my invitations for a fantastic price so I just need to edit the invitation so it's not a full-bleed and we'll be good to go!

My local printer, 2 blocks from my house, can do Save the Date and RSVP postcards for under $15 per hundred, which is cheaper than Vistaprint AND and supports a local business. Score.

The bridesmaids are having their dresses made by hand from a person I found on Etsy.com. I got a lot of bids from people wanting to do the dresses so I'll reveal the winner and the dress style once we figure it all out.

One or more of my bridesmaids may be pregnant at my wedding, thus the handmade dresses.

We are so far registered at Target.com and CB2.com.

I am definitely getting the Maggie Sottero Rasharna dress done in blush, not all white. Not sure if I'll buy an authentic Maggie or have it handmade and modified a little though.

I think I'll be buying my own silverware for the guests at a restaurant supply store or website, since the cost of buying vs. renting is just about equal, plus renting can incur extra fees if we lose so much as one utensil. Plates will need to be rented though unless we do a major borrow-a-thon, which would be kinda cool.

I'm still undecided on photographers and we still don't have engagement picture sessions lined up.

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  1. you should talk to Ashley Alley or Cali lynd. Cali did the engagement pictures for a friend of mine and they turned out really nice. however she lives in pullman so you'd have to wait for her to come up here or else compensate her to make the trip.