Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There are multiple routes to your destination

I was browsing to add items to our registry when it occurred to me that Target has cute clothing and dresses! I found the following for really cheap, which means we'd be able to add length or sleeves to them and still stay well under budget.

(couldn't post the images, see link)

Merona Ponte Scoop Neck Dress ($24.99) - turquoise

Merona Halter Party Dress ($19.98) - avalon sea

Merona Crossover Party Dress ($19.98) - avalon sea


  1. The scoop neck one is alright. If you wanted it to be kinda informal and gardeny we could wear legings underneith to help with the length issue. The halter top I'm not a fan of. I think that'd be UNflattering on both shae and I.

  2. Again, they are all above the knee which means it will be hard to be comfortable. I think target is a great place to look, price and style, however, it is a lot harder to find long enough dresses. I don't like the material on most of these either, the first is too casual, and the last two say to me "trying to look like the real stuff". The color is a bit much too. Its seems more blue than turquoise