Friday, January 8, 2010

Dream sequence

The following is JUST A DREAM! No one panic!

I had a crazy dream last night. It was like, a blooper reel from a weddings gone wrong show or something. I forgot my shoes and had to walk down the aisle in socks, the groom was drunk (which is hilarious because Calvin doesn't drink), I forgot to walk in time to the wedding march AND just cruised down the aisle without my dad (whoops). I hadn't gotten my dress fitted and when I put it on 5 minutes before walking down the aisle, it was too tight. No one knew their place, it was in an ugly church and I had forgotten to tell the officiant no long speeches, so we were standing there for like 30 minutes (with a drunk groom, no easy feat). Then, I realized as we were finishing up that I had forgotten to nail down a photographer and wasn't even sure if Calvin's cousin with a nice camera was in the audience or not. Definitely makes me glad I have 9 months left, because if we held this wedding tomorrow, this is what it would be like!

On the other side, it has reminded me of the important of the rehearsal dinner. I hadn't been feeling like it was absolutely necessary to do a rehearsal, but yes, we will be holding a rehearsal, even if we can't afford the full dinner for everyone.

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