Wednesday, January 13, 2010

it's not easy being

Upon searching for fully modest dresses that we wouldn't have to customize, add sleeves to or buy separate jackets for, I was reminded of why no one ever purchased modest dresses for homecoming or prom: they're expensive. It seems every modest dress is at least $50-100 more than it would be if it were strapless or something.

Totally Modest Terri dress ($148) - in aqua

Totally Modest A001 dress ($179) - in caribbean

Totally Modest Anita dress ($129) - in turquoise

Totally Modest Bethany dress ($188) - in turquoise or aqua

Totally Modest 915002 ($178) - in capri

Totally Modest Crystal ($248) - in aqua (it's too bad this is so expensive because naturally, it's my favorite)

Beautifully Modest B803M ($140) - in montego
(won't let me post the pic here, see the link)

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  1. I LOVE the yellow one!! Its gorgeous! Not a fan of number 2, except maybe the red. Like number 3, just would have to see the fit and again, just barely too short on the model :( Not a fan of 4 or 5, and number 6 is too flashy for us. We want YOU will be the center of attention :)