Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I found the type of veil I want, it's the type from a Walk to Remember, with the lace on the edges. Turns out, it's called a Mantilla veil. A little awkward though, because traditionally, Mantilla veils are worn to Catholic weddings. I can still wear it though right? In the name of fashion?

Something like this, only elbow length and a bit more chic:

Now. Another idea is this adorable headband piece from Forever 21. At $4.80 it's definitely a bargain! I could even make it with a few items from the dollar store if I want it in white (which I might, because my hair is so dark). At any rate, I love the idea for the reception, perhaps. I think I'd like a traditional veil for the ceremony though. Thoughts?


  1. agree. I wouldn't wear the formal veil for the entire reception, especially if you're gonna dance.

  2. yeah that would be so annoying. You know what my pet peeve is? Brides who pull their hair back into a bun or whatever and then tuck their veil UNDERNEATH the bun. Like it's sprouting upside down. What's the point of a veil if it DOESN'T COVER YOUR FACE??? anyway. I like the forever 21 headband/veil thing though because it still dresses things up in a way I can only pull off on my wedding day.