Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Narrowing it down

Okay based on preliminary stuff, here's what I'm hearing the bridesmaids like:
Shrug choices for immodest dresses (and all strapless dresses WILL have at least spaghetti straps added to them so you're not pulling them up all day):

(this one's expensive, but I can find or have some handmade like this for under $30)


This would be in a turquoise color and I think it'd be cute with the white shrug
(est. $160)

Is anyone planning on getting pregnant, or think they might be showing by next October? This would be a good choice if so.
(est $140)

I like this one, and in this color too but it might be a little flamenco dancer?
(est $110)

(this I think would be great if everyone likes it)

(est $150)



  1. I really really like the white shrug bolero thing. It's very cute. And 17$ is very reasonable. I like the dresses too but they're all upwards of 120 $ and that's not as awesome...
    Also If i were just choosing one based on modesty I'd choose the flamenco dancer one because putting a bolero over a strapless doesn't necessarily make it work out with garmets. At least in my experience the garmets still show around the neckline, does anyone else have this issue? or am I alone here?

  2. That's what my concern would be too with strapless. When I was trying on strapless gowns with a bolero at the bridal shop, I definitely noticed that would be a problem. If we had the boleros handmade for around $30 each, we could request that be changed, but that would jack the overall price up quite a bit. I think our best bet is shabbyapple dresses (the daisy dress is awesome) or having someone from etsy hand make them. Stay tuned.