Monday, January 4, 2010

etsy continued

Another etsy vendor: Cardinal Ink. They make invitations for a very reasonable price, only about $54 per 25 invites with envelope included, plus a 10% discount for orders over 50 invites. I could actually order all the invitations we need for around $300. That's about the threshold where I'd consider it worth the cost to just buy them instead of hand-make them. These are my two favorites:

Another Etsy vendor, Whimsical Prints, has these really cute cherry blossom ones that would be $2 a set including response cards, a major bonus. The only type of invitation the fiance seems to like so far is anything with a cherry blossom. It's like, his symbol or something. But since I'm controlling the rest of the reception, I wouldn't mind doing something with cherry blossoms on it for the invitation. I'm actually really considering this one, since it's $1.20 per invitation + envelope and $.80 for the response card + envelope. That's a serious bargain.

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